Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fashion Friendly: Sleeves

Here's an idea for the ladies who need to wear full sleeves in the hotness of summer.

I turned my tights into sleeves, that way, I don't have to wear a full sleeve shirt underneath my outfit, which makes it extra hot. Plus, I don't always want to wear a cardigan with every outfit. Also, I don't like the sleeves that you can get from Islamic or Arab stores because they are usually too think and not long enough to cover the whole arm, so this is an excellent alternative. 

Buy CHEAP tights. I bought mine from the Dollar Store. You don't want anything too expensive since you'll be cutting them up:

Lay them out and have a pair of scissors:

Cut off the ends (make sure the line is straight)
Cut through the center of the top and a little bit from the top:

Use the center piece that you have left as a sleeve:

 You can tuck the top under your bra strap to keep it from falling down, but it shouldn't since it is pretty tight anyway. You can also use different colors to match with your clothes. Keep in mind not to get tights that are too thin or sheer because your arm will show through.

Hope this helps, inshallah! 

Until next time...


  1. I love you! can I cyber kiss you...PLEASE..LOL

    such a good idea! im reposting this as soon as i tear open the tights aigle at the store..LOL

  2. Sucha cool idea! I will be doing this for sure ;)

  3. Nice and cheap idea! Even for me, that do not use sleeve every day...
    KisseKisse and keep in touch!

  4. dang!!! never cross my about this. thanxx

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  6. Question - isn't this a tad too tight? (for older women, say)

  7. I'm glad everyone likes the idea!
    @Zaufishan: Yes, I am sure many Muslims would agree that this is too tight, but I guess it's just everyone's personal choice if they want to use this method or not.

  8. Why what a lovely idea. Would work and look great with printed tights too!