Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Forever Job-less?

I need a job!

I have been looking for a job for so long, but it feels like there is no hope for me. It is so frustrating. I was looking for a year, while I was in Windsor (my hometown) and I couldn't find anything. But then again, Windsor basically has nothing to offer, so it wasn't a surprise that I couldn't find a job. However, now I am in Chicago. I should be able to find something. I don't want to lose hope, but it is really looking hopeless for me. I keep trying to have trust in Allah (swt) that I will find something, but it is hard to stay positive when it has been so long.

I definitely need some prayers!

Until next time...


  1. hi salam. I just read the comment u left on my blog! sorri it took ahile for me to get back with u. I try to comment on everyone who follows or comments on my blog and it takes some time..LOL but You've got a lil gem here. keep posting im looking forward to reading!!


  2. I can totally relate to you sis!
    I've been job hunting for what seems like forever now, but still no hope :(
    Although i'm a student i could really do with a part time job to keep on top of my spending habit :) hehe.
    No seriously though, it really is frustrating how all my friends have a job and i don't! I think i may be a bum all my life :(

  3. My darling, dont lose hope and remember you only 23 and still soooo young. You will find something, Inshallah and I will certainly remember you in my dua today. Sometimes we are tested or sometimes change is necessary to open up our destiny. hugs. Keep me posted on your job hunt.

  4. Jazakallah for all the well wishes! I applied to some internships and such, so inshallah we will see what happens!

  5. have u found something by now? u know, u're in USA. so many nice things that are not available in Asia, etc. u could always sell stuff online =)