Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am terribly irritated at the outright oblivion people live in! For the past few days I have been reading articles and watching videos about the Israeli army raiding the humanitarian flotilla headed towards Gaza and some of the comments I've read just pissed me off! People are so COMPLETELY ignorant and think it was just fine and dandy that Israel "protected it's own safety" and the activists deserved what they got because they were "beating the Israeli army with metal rods."

SERIOUSLY! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Who in their right mind would defend Israeli terrorism?

People are compete "ra-tards" ( from "The Hangover") out there. I wanted to comment back to shut them up. Clearly, the only reason they have the guts (or lack-of) to such things is because they are sitting behind the comfort and safety of their computer screens.

Sometimes I just can't wait until this world comes to an end and all the ignorant nincompoops out there will know that the truth was with Islam, that they were just a bunch of idiots trying to protect Israel, but it was all in vain, because they'll be suffering and wish they could go back to Earth and be Muslim.

Well they won't be able to!

Is that wrong? I am sure on some level it's rude of me to think that and wish that, but it's just so frustrating when people can't see the truth and defend the country that is completely wrong!

I know I'm not perfect and I certainly wouldn't want anyone wishing that I have regrets on the Day of Judgment, but this was the only channel I could think of to get out my anger....

May Allah (swt) open our eyes, ears and hearts to the Truth!


Until next time...

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  1. i was extremely upset bout this. but my question is, will israel will b punish for this?? till now i hvnt see anything.