Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eye Makeup Inspirations

Just some make up I've done in the past for different occasions. Enjoy!

Purple/Grey Smokey Eye (this one was done by my cousin)

Green and Pink Eye Shadow (for a wedding)

Mac: Electric eel on the water line w/ eyeliner (for a more casual look)

Shades of Green and Yellow for a Mendhi (Henna Party)

Let me know what you guys think and if I can improve on anything. Also, I wanted to ask if anyone knows any tricks to get rid of fall-out that falls on the lashes (like the yellow eye-shadow in the last pic)?

Until next time!


  1. Those look are really pretty mashaAllah, thé first one especially is really classy xoxo

  2. you are good :) love them all.. you should have a blog about it ^ ^

  3. Beautiful eyebrowns you have!
    Nice makeups!

  4. you can use fan brush for fall outs :)

    ~new follower :)