Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here and There

I have been pretty busy this past week, alhamdulillah! My brother and sister came to Chicago to visit me and stayed for 4 days. They were still shooting Transformers 3 in Chicago so my brother and sister got to see that. We went to The Bean, The Field Museum and did a whole bunch of other things. We had a lot of fun (well, I did and I hope they did as well lol)!

I love The Bean!

We all drove to Windsor together last night. I am going to stay here for a week and I have to attend my friend's wedding tomorrow. I am very excited about it. I bought a new sari from the ISNA Convention in Chicago, so I plan to wear it tomorrow inshallah. I will post pics of it later on inshallah. =)

Until next time...


  1. aww glad u had fun! btw r u pink or white hijabi? also can't wait to see the wedding pics :)

  2. wats dat thing??? lol it loook weird. bdw nice pic sus

  3. Beautiful picture mashAllah but I must say, that is a VERY weird structure, lol!
    Keep us updated on the friend's wedding inshAllah!

  4. Thanks guys! It is definitely an odd structure...but one of the points of interest in Chicago. It is very interesting. I am the one wearing the Pink Hijab and my sister is in the white. :)

  5. woow the location of you picture is so cool!

  6. The bean looks awesome! Nice shot with your sister. Cute pink hijab you got there! Btw I tagged ya! :-)

  7. I love the bean too!!!
    One of my best memories of your beautiful city!