Saturday, July 17, 2010


The blog title says it all! I went skydiving today...WOOHOO!

It was so great, subhanallah! My brother in law gave it to my husband and I as an anniversary present. All three of us went today. I was really fun and I was sooo nervous. We jumped out of a plane from 14,000 ft

Right when I jumped, I screamed, "La illaha illallah!" because I wanted those to be my last words in case I died, and at the point, I was thinking there would be a high chance of that happening...LOL.

Being up there was so intense! I felt like my stomach was left in the plane and I just fell down. Once we opened the parachute, everything looked so beautiful. The creations of Allah swt are truly a beauty. We just have to stop and marvel at them. It was like time was frozen up there and I saw the world.

The only downside was that since we were first time divers, we had to go with a diving instructor, so basically you two jump together and are strapped together. We asked if there were any female instructors but they said there were only males. The hubby wasn't too excited about it and obviously I would have preferred going with a woman, but I mean...we were falling to the earth at 150 m/h, so there wasn't any shananigans going on there. Either way, I know it wasn't right, so inshallah if I ever go again, it'll be with a woman or I will just watch from below. I had to go just once at least.

I was so worried about my hijab and if it would bother me or choke me, but alhamdulillah it was not a bother at all! Before, I used to be so apprehensive about putting on hijab, but it's only a problem if you let it be one. Who says Hijabis can't do exciting things!

(Our faces have been blurred for obvious reasons)

You guys should all do this at least once. It is so amazing and breathtaking! Am I crazy? Or would you do this too?

Until next time...


  1. OMG!!! The thought of sky diving scares the hell out of me, but reading your experience makes me want to go! And massive thumbs up to you for making hijabis that one little bit less stereo-typical!!

  2. Ohh wow! Mashallah! this is so exciting :D you must be soooooo thrilled :D i wanna do it too ^ ^ and yes, glad to know you didn't have problems with hijab. A Hijabi is just like every other girl. :) people shouldn't take Islam negatively.

  3. Wow it seems such an exhilirating experience! I commend your guts and courage to do such thing. A teeny part of me wants to try it too once in my life but I still have to work on my nerves. Hehe:-)

  4. wowsterssss!!! it looks as scary as it is exciting and as dangerous as it is alluring... i wanna try it too :)

  5. wow!!! ur lucky to hve this opportunity! bdw congrats with ur anniversary. i hope u n ur husband live happily ever after inshaallah :)

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol
    This is great, but honestly I'll be to afraid of doing it :/
    Thx for sharing ;)

  7. It surely sounds really exciting and scary at the same time! LOL
    The thought of jumping out of a plane is plain crazy!! hehe and maybe suicidal!

    Hmm..maybe i'd go if i was strapped with my hubby <3
    That way in case we die, we die together! hehe

    P.s- I'm not married, i'm dreaming!

    The pics look awesome! I salute your bravery, really!

  8. Wow! That sounds amazing glad you had fun! I would like to go sky diving but would probably chicken out at the last minute lol.

  9. omg so exciting! congrats and happy anniversary!!

  10. wow! Mashallah thats so cool! I totally wanna do that but I'm afraid kind of. Inshallah one day. Mabrook on your aniversary.

  11. I could never do this! You were brave...
    I think it would be beautiful, but i'm to scary of certain things, include this.
    Happy anniversary for you both!

    I post the award in the blog. Check it! ;)


  12. Hey! Cute blog, I found you trhough MArcela's blog. :)
    I would never do this! haha too scary :P

  13. Salaam Sis,

    You're awesome I love u LOL <3

  14. ahhh i SO want to do this!! i have chickens for friends though lol

    congratulations on ur anniversary! =D

  15. aww, alhamdulillah you said La illaha illallah just as you jumped out :] and wowzer...I could never do that, i have a crippling fear of heights! good on you, you nutter!! lol you are one tough cookie xx

  16. what kind of scarf did you wear? Did you tuck or pin it anyhow?

  17. how did you tie your hijab to make it intact?