Monday, August 2, 2010

Frequently Remember the Destroyer of Pleasures: Death

Wherever you are, death will find you out, even if you are towers built up strong and high.
-Holy Quran 4:78

Today, there is a Janazah for a girl I a girl I knew. Her name was Muneeba  and she was only 23 years old. We were not "friends" in particular, though we used to be in high school. We also worked together a few times and went to night school together as well. Her death is a very sad one, not that other deaths are not, but the way she died brings tears to me eyes. 

Her parents went to New York and she and her friends when to the beach. By the end of the night, only her and three other people were left. Around 3:30 am she drowned. Her friend tried to save her, but the current was too strong and she was a very weak swimmer. The police called her house and told her younger sister, who then called her parents. They drove home immediately, an excruciating 14 hour drive, knowing their daughter might be dead. I say might because her body had still not been found. The coastguard searched for three days, but to no avail. Subhanallah! They had to find out what to do Islamically in case the body was not found. A janazah without a body to bury! I cannot imagine how heart-wrenching that must have been for them. Alhamdulillah though, her body was finally recovered yesterday afternoon. May Allah swt have mercy on her soul and forgive her sins. Ameen!

There was an article in the newspaper about her drowning, saying that alcohol was involved and other ridiculous information was added that didn't need to be. It is sad because some people in the community chose to judge her after her death. Sometimes, ignorant people make me so mad. Firstly, there is no need to speak ill of someone who has passed away and secondly, rather than standing around and make judgments, it is better to make a dua for the deceased and remember that your life can also be taken at any second. 

Inshallah we can all use this as a reminder, because we tend to get so caught up in this dunya, in meaningless worldly actions, that we forget our reasons of being here in the first place. My iman level definitely hasn't been at its highest recently. I have been thinking about weddings, vacations, school, and just having fun that I forgot to focus on my deen and iman. I bet Muneeba didn't know she wasn't going to reach Ramadan. I keep thinking that I will start doing more Islamic activities once Ramadan starts, but I do not even know if I will be alive at that point. We should try and make the changes in our life that we need to NOW, instead of tomorrow. 

I hope everyone can say just one prayer fo Muneeba if they get a chance. May she be protected and forgiven for her sins and enter Jannat-al-firdous. May her family be granted patience to deal with this situation. Ameen!

Until next time...


  1. sorry 2 hear bout ur fren. al-fatihah

  2. Inna lilahi wani ilayhi rajioun. may Allah swt have mercy on her, and forgive her for any bad deeds. thanks for the reminder sis

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