Thursday, August 26, 2010

Help Needed!

Salam Ladies,

I have a big favor to ask. I have been asked to do a short halaqa (Islamic talk) at the Masjid. I have to discuss how women can keep their Iman (faith) high and stay strong in their deen, while they are on their period.

Since we cannot pray and fast, we often feel disconnected from Allah (swt), especially in Ramadan, and many girls find it hard to keep a close connection with the deen. I wanted to ask you all for any points that you can think of that I could possible share with the group or any articles that I could use as a source.

Alhamdulillah, I do know a few things I will say, but it is pretty difficult to find information on this subject. Any advice or articles would help. The halaqa is for Friday night, so I have about two days to prepare.

May Allah (swt) reward you for your help!

Until next time...


  1. Normally when we have our period its our relaxing time so we generally do get a bit selfish and steer away from islamic habits because of the preconceived notion that we are not allowed to do anything islamic. Not true!

    1. You can recite the quran(from your knowledge or from the Quran without touching it).
    2. You can recite tasbiya (mesbah), dua, thikr.
    3. You can listen or watch islamic programs, quran recitation, lectures. I have podcasts that I listen to while at office, in the car...When I am home, I get on to Youtube, and go through islamic stuff - listen to lectures, nasheeds, progress islam, debates, etc.
    4.Engage in helping the needy during this time - cook meals for the needy and distribute it or lend a hand at your local orphanages.
    5. Teach or engage your kids in islamic activities.
    6.Nothing stop a person from having conversations with Allah at any point in time whether you are in state of wudhu or not. I often communicate with Him - thanking Him, Praising Him, Asking Him for dua, Telling Him how I feel. Allah is surely oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. He did not invent a thing without a purpose.

    7. Have a look at this for more information:

    Good luck sweetheart...hope your ramadan is going well.

  2. During this perido we can mention Allah swt and His prophete SWS, so talking with sisters is permissible.
    Even during the Ramadan having my period, I never feel disconected with the deen, coz it's a moment I'm with my family, having a good behaviour. With a grup of sister we cooking for the homeless who come from Afghanistan and France, and sharing a great moment with them, talking about everything. And even if I don't pray and I'm fasting, it's a moment where I feel really, really close to my Lord!

  3. Salaam sis.
    Even during our period, we could wake up and join our family for sahur, read the al-ma'thurat (compilation of selected du'a by Imam Hassan Al-Bana), read the qunut du'a after fajr adzan. =) There's no prob at all reading zikr and listening to Quran recitation and read the translation. Do extra community service since we're not fasting and less tired than most people who fast =)

  4. Maybe this can help. I so enjoyed! :)

  5. A nice article I recently read Masha'allah:

  6. You can always do lots of dhikr. Listening to islamic lectures/ recitation of the qur'an & reading islamic books has a great way of boosting your iman.

  7. This is a nuqs (fault) that ALLAH has created in every daughter of Hawwa (Eve). And this makes a woman Naqis-ud-Din... But ALLAH is the wisest and we don't know the true reason why is it so with the women.

    aap ne wo waqiya suna hoga do auraton ka. ke RasooluLLAH (Peace be upon him) ke pas sahabah aa'ay aur unhon ne aik aurat ka zikr kea ke woh saara din roza rakhti hai aur saari raat ibadat mai guzarti hai magar paRosion ko tng kerti hai (ya paRosi uss se tng hain) to RasooluLLAH (PbuH) ne farmaya ke woh aurat jahannami hai. Phir dusri aurat ka zikr hua ke woh bas faraz ada kerti hai lekin uss ke paRosi uss se khush hain, to RasoolULLAH (Peace be upon Him) ne farmaya ke woh aurat jannati hai!...

    so namaz and nawafil and roza ALLAH ko pasand nahi, ALLAH ko obedience pasand hai, chahay woh periods mai ho chahay aam dinon mai! :)

  8. Jazakallah khair to you all! This has been such a help alhamdulillah and the links and articles, especially. May Allah swt reward you all and grant you Jannat al firdous! Ameen!

  9. ohh If I had seen this before I would have given you some great points i got from lectures. but oh time inshaALLAH ta'ala. I have a lecture on tuesday, then friday, Please make lots of duas for me! any ideas of good topics?

    @bluepearl: i hope you dont mind, but um you cant recite the quran in your periods, you can only listen to it. or read it in your heart but make sure your tongue doesnt read it...if you want I can give you the fatwah..I have one for this...

    btw if your all wondering who i found you all from a blog of my friends, you can see mines at: