Monday, August 16, 2010

New Purchases: LV and Coach

I am so happy, Alhamdulillah! I recently bought two new, FABULOUS items.

First of all, about two weeks ago I bought Coach Coasters! I didn't even know Coach had coasters, but I went into the store and saw them there. They were so cute. Plus, I have been needing coasters every since I moved to Chicago, but never got around to buying them, so I knew it was a sign. They were originally like 100 dollars (which is utterly ridiculous and I wouldn't have bought them at that price), but I got them on sale for 30 dollars! Yayyy! They are all colorful and pretty. An excellent buy, in my opinion. The hubby wasn't too excited about it and thought 30 dollars were too much for coasters, but he clearly doesn't understand the worth of these things. LOL

Next, the absolute best purchase of all: my new Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM! I have been wanting this purse for sooooo long and I finally just got it two days ago. =)

I already had one LV that my hubby got me as an Eid present, two years ago and now I have my second. 

This is the one I owned before: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

And here is the new guy:

Alhamdulillah, I feel so utterly blessed that words cannot even describe it. Just wanted to share some of my joy....

Until next time...


  1. Mabrook!!

    I so want a louis vuitton but it's too pricey :( Where did you get yours from if you don't mind?

  2. aww, masha'allah I love those coasters! And both your bags are beautiful, i wants!! xx

  3. I love the new LV handbag. Also hoping that your ramadan is going well sis and that all of your duas come true. I am thankful that it is winter here and our days are short! But then again any of the difficulties we suffer through this month are worth it right! Take care xoxox

  4. what do you use the coasters for?

  5. ohhh la la, beautiful

    nice mashallah and great blog :)
    keep up the great work

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    love and peace

  6. Owh husbands can never understand why we need to but those things.. hehe

  7. Those are some awesome coasters, i would invest in them too!!!