Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pakistan Flood: Time for a Change!

The Pakistan flood is something that has been in the news and media for a while now. Surprisingly, the flood has continued since July, showing no signs of slowing down. The flood started out in the the Northwestern region and has now has now stretched 1000 km, reaching Kotri and Hyderabad! Subhanallah, there are more monsoons expected in the next few days.

Today we spoke to family who lives in the area. My cousin told us they have started to evacuate people from Hyderabad and Kotri due to the flood level increasing. They are scared to leave their area, which is still safe currently, however, because people who have left their homes already have been robbed. Their houses have been turned upside down, so if they do get to return, there will nothing left. If they are not hit by the flood, all their belongings will be gone anyway. Subhanallah! 

What is wrong with our people? Allah (swt) is putting them through a major test, a major punishment, and people still do not learn. They do not have khauf (fear) in their hearts! This country is literally being washed away, but its inhabitants refuse to take a lesson. 

While all this is going on, an entire village brutally beat and murdered two boys, while the police watched. The boys bodies were "shown off" to the city and they were then hung upside down! Is it really a surprise that Pakistan is being flooded right now? People are robbing others' homes and campsites where aid is being sent! Does no one have taqwa anymore? 

I am not saying the entire country and its people are horrible, of course. I am Pakistani myself. But many people are corrupt in Pakistan and it seems the corruption is still not being washed away with the flood. People are too focused on Dunya and do not have enough fear. So many people are suffering due the the ignorance and corruption of the few.

This flood is also a test for us, those who are not physically affected by it. We need to show our support and donate. We need to help in whatever way we can. And this should also increase our iman. It should make us grateful for that all that we are blessed with. We should use this to focus our attention to the things that matter.

We chase this dunya, material things that do not matter, and we forget what is important. This world will perish! Our belongings, our families, our homes will perish. Now is the time to seek forgiveness. Now is the time to make a change. Now is the time to focus on your akhira! I sincerely pray that Allah (swt) grants the people affected by this flood patience and grant them health and safety. May He protect them and turn their hearts towards Him and forgive their sins. Ameen!

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