Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramadan Annoyance.

Well, just like everyday Ramadan, I wanted to invite my friends over for an iftar/dinner. After all, there is so much reward in feeding the fasting person and cooking is something that is not too difficult so why not reap all the rewards I can?

Yesterday (Friday), I emailed/called a few friends to come over for Sunday. One of my friends who lives a bit further away said she can only make it on Saturday (today), which was the next day! But I moved a lot of things around and said Saturday would be fine. I was supposed to go to my in-laws house today as well and I even changed the date with them! And, it was only supposed to be a girls event but she couldn't come without her husband so I changed it to a couples event and didn't invite some of the people that I wanted to. After all this trouble, she messaged me today around noon and said she can't make it, because her husband thought that the iftar was next Saturday.

I am pretty upset right now. I understand things come up and you can't make it sometimes, but I had to do so much in such short notice for her only to find out that she cancels on me. I even made all the meat last night so that I wouldn't have to do so much work today. Now, there will be so much food. I can't invite anyone else because the iftar is in 5 hours! Who is going to come on such short notice?

Subhanallah! I am really trying not to be annoyed, but it is so hard. I do not want to have such feelings in my heart, especially during Ramadan.

Any tips on being patient or what I can do to feel a little better? Should I talk to her or just let it go?

Until next time...


  1. salaam sweetie, ramadan mubarak! aww, you must be feeling really let down right now. Maybe you can still turn it around and still manage to make a good deed out of it. Are there any neighbours near by that you can give some of the food to?

    Inshallah you still reap the rewards because you had the intention :]

    I think what with it being ramadan maybe you could let it go? I don't know, It just seems like the "muslim" if you like, thing to do and it's not worth letting yourself get more upset. But then again, i'm the worst for advice lol I hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your evening inshallah and not feel too hard done by.

    Loads of huggles, carmen xXx oOo

  2. I think you should talk to her and just let her know how things went. I know I would have been upset too.

  3. as salaam alaikim sis, awww miskeena well first say maybe Allah is protecting you or her from something qadrallah wa masha fa'ala, the next thing is you have to tell her how much work you put into this i think you will feel better if she knows what you went for who would have came on a 5 hour notice me i would be ready......i hope you feel better ramadhan mubarak

  4. I think I understand your feeling, I had that similar experience with my bestfriend.. I had to cancel there, arrange here, to go with her but then she canceled it on the very last minute.
    What I did was I told her my feelings n situation; that I was upset, that I had canceled some plans for this, that I hoped next time she would be more careful..
    Me and her are bestfriend, so being honest about this kind of feeling is important, we don't wanna hate each other behind our back upon small things..
    As soon as she said sorry, my anger just disappeared in instants.. and I apologized to her for being so upset.. case closed.. :)

  5. Jazakallah Khair for all your lovely advice! As it turned out, she ended up calling me and apologized. I did let her know that I was disappointed that she couldn't make it after all the moving around I had to do, but I could tell she felt bad so I let it go. I truly appreciate all your help and may Allah swt reward you all for your thoughts! Ameen!

  6. i knew you were upset. but i didn't control that situation. i was so upset with my husband for canceling our plans, that we got into a HUGE fight.Didnt speak to each other for like 2 days. I'm sorry Bisma.