Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeling Down

I'm not feeling so great right now...and honestly, I know that it's more my own fault, rather than someone else's. Someone left a comment on my previous post, OOTD, basically saying that I am not wearing proper hijab and I should also cover my chest and, "May Allah guide me."

I just felt so down after reading that. I am not mad at whoever wrote it; obviously they wrote it as "anonymous." However, I just feel like if you are going to say something like that to someone or give dawah (Islamic advice), than you really need to say it in the right way, so that the person does not turn away from Islam as a rebuttal. Of course, I would not turn away, but there just has to be proper etiquette of saying it.

I know I am not perfect at all and I still have to fix my hijab and be more modest, but I properly put on the hijab about 6 months ago. I'm just taking it one step at a time so I don't go backwards, like I did the last time. I know this is no excuse, but it's just what I have to do myself to inshallah get better.

I do agree with whoever left that comment and I do pray that Allah (swt) guide me to what pleases Him, because there is no way I, or anyone else, will ever be perfect. I just don't like it when people make that dua to someone else in an arrogant manner, thinking they are better. We should always ask Allah (swt) to guide all of us because no one is perfect, including the person who wrote it.

Subhanallah, maybe that person didn't mean to be rude or sound arrogant, but I just felt like it was said in that way. But I sincerely pray that Allah (swt) make me a better Muslim and increase my iman and forgive my sins and I pray this dua for the person who wrote this message and all of you too! Ameen!

Sorry for the random post. It was just something I felt I needed to write down in order to prove to myself that I know I am making mistakes and praying that I get better.

Until next time...


  1. I don't know what they were thinking :/ Your chest looks pretty covered up to me, it's a beautiful outfit too i must say!

    I agree it's better to go slow when adjusting to hijab but unfortunately some people think that they can just say that and get away with wearing the skimpiest of clothing without ay intention of ever wearing the hijab properly (this isn't aimed at u).

    did the commenter mean that you should have covered your chest because of the curved detail around the lady lumps?

  2. I totally agree with you, there's a certain etiquette to giving Islamic knowledge and sometimes people forget that. sA, it's not our place to be judging others and their actions. Even the best of intentions should have be followed by the best of actions. Allah knows best.

    In reference to the 'covering of the chest' issue, I went and looked it up just to be certain, "...that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty..." (24:31). So regardless of whether someone is wearing a baggy top or a fitted one, the veil should be covering the chest, if you choose to interpret that ayah literally. Some would disagree and say that the ayah is more about the presentation of modesty. But I am no expert in Quran interpretation, so I leave that up to you.

    Stay strong sis, renew your intentions, and as long as you are happy in your decisions, then you shouldn't worry about what others will say. If you feel doubt in your soul, then go back to the Quran, go back to the Hadith, go back to the lives of the Sahabah, and inshA Allah you'll find your answers.

    To become closer to our Lord is our aim, and no one will know the steps of your journey except you and Allah. May Allah guide us all.

  3. Allah loves diversity. And Allah (Swt) knows what is in the heart. Whatever we do we have to be authentic and the problem with Muslims these days is that every body thinks they have the responsibility to criticize everybody else ESPECIALLY with a woman's dress. Get over it, get a life. Go check yo self before you check someone else.
    Because who is to say that they way they adorn themselves makes them any closer to Jannah...no one..ONly Allah (Swt). Keep doing what you are doing do don't brush the small stuff. Ive been frequenting your blog every now and then and you seem like a very sweet and kind girl. You delt with them in more adab then they did with you.

    You are beautiful inside and out and don't let anyone change you. Your iman is more important.


  4. Don't be upset sister. Some people just don't know how to give advices to others. No one is perfect. Allah knows your intentions & He will guide you toward the righteous path.

  5. In my opinion you looked very modest and nice in that outfit and the person who left the comment probably believes Muslim women should be covered from head to toe in black and that scented soap is haram cause she might smell nice. Those type of people tick me off.

  6. hey dear

    dnt worry about the comment, i know the comment is kind of harsh but u know urself better than any1 else. n the picture u post u didnt mean anything bad. u were dressing modest. so no need to feel down for dat comment dear :D


  7. Salaam

    I don't think I've commented on your blog before, but I have been reading it for a while. This post motivated me to leave a comment, however, so here goes:

    I totally agree with you in regards to criticism and advice etiquette. There is certainly nothing wrong with offering guidance to a sister out of genuine love and concern, but there is no need for people to be arrogant about it. While some Muslims may know more about Islam than others, no one can possibly claim to know everything there is to know about Islam, and NO ONE is perfect. As such, it's hypocritical for any of us to look down on a brother or sister simply because they aren't aware of something or are having difficulty putting certain teachings into practice. Plus, taking things slowly is definitely preferable to jumping into things too quickly, and becoming so overwhelmed that you give up altogether.

    Don't let this person's comment drag you down. Modifying our hijab to live up to Allah's (SWT) commandments is important, but the biggest and most difficult step in wearing hijab is putting it on in the first place -- which is something you have the courage, the devotion and the strength to achieve. You should be proud of that.

  8. Assalamalaikum !I'm really sorry I hurt you, I didn't mean to! I just wanted to convey what was written in Quran "that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty..." I agree you are taking little steps towards accepting Hijab & getting closer to Allah & I don't want to discourage u dear! I'm nobody to judge you becoz u might be more closer to Allah than me, u might be his dearest believer! I just don't like westernizing the Hijab, by that I mean to say that I see lot of muslim women in western countries wearing tight western clothes as well as Indian clothes & just cover their heads! I mean to say you should also protect your body from evil gazes of men! Men, just don't look at our hair or face, they also gaze at a woman's body!I'm really sorry if I hurt u dear!May Allah guide me, u & all the muslim women!

  9. If you referring to your last post, I think the outfit is perfectly fine. In anycase, dont let people judge you. Only Allah alone can judge us. If you are comfortable and feel covered enough, who cares about what others thing. I think you look just lovely. Hugs and love:)

  10. Your chest is covered! Maybe its the detailing...?? But dont be discouraged at all! xx

  11. May Allah increase your faith and give you strength

  12. May Allah guides us all sisters

  13. ps: you have been tagged...look at my latest post "Random things about me"