Saturday, October 30, 2010

Emami - The Limitless Dress

I came across the most wonderful designer...well it's a group of designers called Emami. Their clothes are so amazing and multifunctional. One piece can be worn 20 different ways! I really want this piece called The Limitless Dress. It's 130 euros (~180 USD) but I think it's worth it! It's on my "to get" list! I know it's pretty pricey...but it can be worn in so many ways! What do you guys think?

They have a lot of other different multifunctional clothes as well. Take a look. You can check out the website here: EMAMI Fashion

Here's the video that teaches you all the different ways to wear it. You can even come up with your own!

 Until next time...


  1. this looks so cool!

    it seems like it would be fun trying all those different styles


  2. yikes! its pretty fashion forward but too pricey :X

  3. I hardly ever spend that much on one item, but this may be an reasonable expensive. Oh the dresses are so lovely!!

  4. well concidering the fact that you can get over 20 different styles in just one item, it is a reasonable price ;)