Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Facebook Personalities: Part 2

Our next Facebook Personality is someone we've learned to hate! Okay, okay, not HATE, more like become annoyed by:

The Same-Picture Uploader

If a picture says a thousand words, then how many words does the same picture 500 times say? 

This is the person who takes about 5874 pictures anytime she (I'm going to say she, because, let's be honest, it almost always is a she) gets ready. She sits in front of her computer, laptop or phone and takes a bajillion pictures of herself. Now, it wouldn't be so bad if these pictures were different from one another, but, NOPE, no such luck! It's basically the same pose over and over again, with slight head-tilt variations. She does become a little innovative sometimes and will pout her lips from time to time and occasionally change that blank stare to a slight smile. But overall, it's the same picture. 

Then, instead of choosing, say, one or two of the pictures to upload, she decides that it's ABSOLUTELY necessary for her to upload *drum roll please* ALL 5874 pictures!


Here's a question: Does she think that people are actually going to sit there and spend at least a good 35 minutes looking at the same picture 5874 times?

Then, not only does she want people to look at them, she wants "Likes" and comments as well! 

There's actually a surprising number of people who suffer from this life-altering disease! Sorry sister, ain't getting no love from me!

Stay tuned for Part 3

Until next time...


  1. Hahaha. This is SO true.

    They also "censored" the comments, if it's not in favor of their looks, they delete the comment faster than lightning. LOL

  2. lol I have seen this before... Im embarssed to say I sometimes load multiple pictures of my daughter in similar poses.. one picture her hand may be up, the second down and so on lol. However I try not to post more than 3 of the same pics of her.

  3. LOL I know someone like this, but on myspace. She uploaded like 40 of the same pic basically and most of them had her flipping off the camera. I had to was just so ridiculous hahah

  4. SubhanAllah...may Allah save us from vanity...