Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quran Inspiration: Surah Balad, Ayat 4

I went to my sister's in law halaqa today with her in Santa Clara. Mashallah it was so well done and it is really what I needed. I can genuinely feel my iman getting higher since I have been here. She is a very good influence on me, May Allah (swt) reward her immensely in this life and the next, Ameen!

She did tafseer of Surah Balad (90). Something that was really good and hit me was ayat 4:

[Balad 90:4] We have indeed created man surrounded by hardships.

She basically said that Allah (swt) swears (and this has to be huge that our Lord is swearing to us) that we will have hardships, tests and turmoil no matter what in this life. So, whether you are on the right path or the wrong path, whether you are reading quran or clubbing, whether you are covered or uncovered, you will have hardships in your life.

So, is it better to have hardships in this life, while doing bad things and then have hardships in the akhira, due to punishment for our sins? 


Is it better to have hardships in this life, while being righteous (or at least trying to), and then having extreme happiness and rewards in the akhira, which will be infinite?

I think the answer is pretty clear. 

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