Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm going to my parent's house tomorrow! Alhamdulillah! I'm still pretty sick so I hope I can handle the road trip. It's my best friend's wedding on the 17th inshallah so I am going to stay until then! SO EXCITED!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beautiful and Heart-Wrenching Post on IGIC

As some of you know, I'm an editor for the I Got it Covered Blog, which revolves around stories and articles that have to do with Islam, but hijab and haya specifically. And when I say hijab, I don't just mean the cloth around our heads, but the proper term that encompasses our dress, behavior and attitude.

This recent post was AMAZING and you guys HAVE TO read it. It really puts things into perspective and it's not that long. If you have an extra five minutes you should definitely read it.

Until next time...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Annoying Aunties

I hate when "aunties" tell you to have a kid. It's so annoying! Like, who are you? What gives you the right to talk to me about something so personal? UGH!

Ever since I've been married, I've been hearing annoying crap from annoying people, people I barely know, to have a kid. Listen LADY, I don't care if you live in the community or I say Salam to you when I see you in the masjid. You DO NOT have the right to talk to me about having a child. My sex life should be none of your concern. SO SHUT UP!

Conversation with annoying auntie who I wanted to punch in the face.

Me: Assalamu Alaikum auntie

AA (annoying auntie): Walaikum assalam. How are you? You don't sound too well.

Me: Alhamdulillah, just feeling a little sick.

AA: OH! Are you throwing up?

Me *thinking WTH*: NO. I'm just feeling a little tired. You know the weather...

AA: Oh yes, everyone is getting sick. When are you going to start throwing up?

Me: Anyway, nice talking to you. Assalamu Alaikum

DON'T ASK ME WHEN I'M GOING TO START THROWING UP in code like you're all slick, but really you're just a pervert and weird!

Until next time...