Monday, December 6, 2010

Beautiful and Heart-Wrenching Post on IGIC

As some of you know, I'm an editor for the I Got it Covered Blog, which revolves around stories and articles that have to do with Islam, but hijab and haya specifically. And when I say hijab, I don't just mean the cloth around our heads, but the proper term that encompasses our dress, behavior and attitude.

This recent post was AMAZING and you guys HAVE TO read it. It really puts things into perspective and it's not that long. If you have an extra five minutes you should definitely read it.

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  1. THE WORDS: "I was struggling to come to terms with what the purpose of it all was, selfishly bypassing the reality of God’s Divine Grace, unable to recognize the greater plan He had in store for me. If only I had perceived it back then; but understandably, when it seems like everything in your life is going wrong, you can’t help but become the victim of that venomous downward spiral of self pity and loneliness." SUMMARIZE EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS... different circumstance... equal pain!! Yah Allah, Yah Rabb!! Thanks for sharing :D