Friday, March 25, 2011

Du'a of a Sinner

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Oh Allah, my Creator, my Lord,
You are certainly the Knower of all.
How long has it been since I have spoken with You?
Surely, I have let myself fall.
Oh Merciful, my praise seems completely unfit,
How can Your humble servant honor You?
The inadequacy of my words leaves me feeling meek.
Do they even hold any value?
All praises are for You and You alone.
I do not deserve what I have been given.
Yet here I am, asking for more,
Regardless of my sins, I hope You will listen.
Ya Rabb, Your slave turns obediently towards You,
In hopes of love and forgiveness.
My sins, so vast, take over my life,
And of that You are a witness.
Forgive my trespasses and replace them with good deeds
Though that is more than I deserve,
The tears in my eyes show my extreme regret
I pray in Jannah there is a place for me reserved.
My Lord, bestow upon me the wisdom and iman,
To truly live this dunya like a test.
I cannot fathom the tortures of the grave and hell
Protect me from such suffering, I request.
Forgive my eyes for what they have seen,
And my ears for what they have heard.
Forgive my tongue for the gossip and lies.
I wish I had not blundered.
My past, so tainted, haunts my thoughts,
I pray for a better life, this one and the next.
Love me and forgive me, regardless of my flaws,
And with me, do not be vexed.
Protect my family, my friends and the Ummah,
Forgive our sins, the big and small,
The ones we insisted on, knowing they were wrong,
And even the ones we do not recall.
Grant us good deaths, as Muslims and Mu’minun,
And take our souls with ease.
Let the last words we say be, “La illaha ill Allah.”
And let us enter Jannah without trial, please!
Wrap our bodies in a lovely scented cloth,
And let our angels be beautiful and bright.
Show us our places and homes in Jannah,
Ya Rabb, fill our spacious graves with light.
I know that I am certainly undeserving of this,
But You are surely Ar Rahman Ar Raheem,
So shower me with mercy, the limitless mercy You have,
And accept my du’as. Ameen!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Haute Hijab

I know, I know. I went MIA again. Somehow, my life got busy without me realizing it. My husband and I are moving and apartment hunting has been difficult. Inshallah we will find something we love and that is a good price. AMeen!

But, what I wanted to share was my recent purchase. My friend is the CEO of Haute Hijab. She sells vintage hijabs on her website and she is also making her Spring/Summer collection. She dresses so beautifully, that I know the collection will be amazing. You should definitely check out her page. Her new line will be up shortly, but she is always updating with new hijabs.

I recently purchased a wrap from her and it is gorgeous. Check her out and support a Muslim sister!

Haute Hijab

Here's my wrap:

Until next time...