Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadan Reflections - Day 2

I blame the Shaitan. I blame him for my sins and my shortcomings. I blame him for my bad habits and wrong behavior. I blame him for the wrong that I commit. But it is the month of Ramadan, the month where the Shaitan is locked up. He is not whispering in my ear to commit sins. He is not in my head, convincing me to backbite. He is not in my heart, making me feel jealous.

This month, the month when the Shaitan is nowhere in sight, I am responsible for my own actions. I cannot blame anyone for my misdeeds. I am the rightful and true owner of my sins.

This month, the month when there are no devils to convince me to do wrong, I know that my transgressions are not from the whispering of my enemy. Rather, they are from myself. They are habits I have formed over the years and are patterns I have become accustomed to. Without realizing it, while blaming someone else, I have created a routine of bad deeds.

I know this, because I continue this behavior even in the most blessed month of Ramadan.

But alhamdulillah, Allah (swt) has given me the opportunity to live in a beautiful month where I am unaffected by the Shaitan. The Lord Almighty has given me the chance to change myself and my ways. I can take this month and make the most of it, by realizing my bad habits and changing them, erasing them and repenting for them before my enemy returns to drum in my ears.

So I make a vow during these most glorious days that I will make a change and catch myself before falling into sins. By the time Ramadan is over, I hope to replace my bad habits with good ones, insha'Allah!

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