Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ramadan Reflections - Day 14 - 18

So sorry I haven't kept up. It's been super busy, subhanallah.

I've been thinking about all the little annoyances and irritations that come up during Ramadan. We are tested with little things that really get our blood boiling and sometimes you just want to explode. That's the moment where we have to check ourselves the most. Anger is the work of Shaitan, but during Ramadan we need to control it, because the Shaitan isn't with us telling us to get angry or yell. It's our own nafs that we have to control.

The nafs, in its most common and animalistic stage, is the unrefined state of man. It is the ego, the inner self that pushes people to think of only themselves and their most immediate wants and needs. This nafs encourages us to pursue our urges and shed the moral code of conduct that Allah (swt) has mandated upon us. But during Ramadan, the month of mercy, we have the opportunity to try and control our nafs and become better Muslims. Some people let their nafs overcome them, while others control their nafs. However no one can overcome their nafs without the help of Allah. So during this month, we should make dua that we are able to control our most unrefined state and put our nafs at rest with the commands of Allah.

Until next time...

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  1. Beautiful post, sist :)

    I found some annoying yet confusing things too this Ramadhan, but yeah, we are tested :)
    Hope this holy month can make us more patience..